When you go through a change process some times you do not know what you need or where to start. 


At Work Ready we want our customer to exactly know what they need and what they can expect from us.  


We spend up to fifteen minutes, at no cost, understanding your situation and recommending what service and actions you should take.  We find this approach gets our working relationship off to a great start.


We provide advice to assess and discuss how we can support your current situation.  In-person or online zoom meeting

  • ideal for students,

  • parents returning to work,

  • employees facing redundancy or seeking a different direction.


"Service was great and Pat was very approachable and did his job very well."

Clinton  Aug, 2019

"I really appreciate the service that you provided me and am so happy that your now supporting my cousin.  I am seeing his confidence grow which is awesome"

Samantha Nov, 2019

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