CVs & Cover letters 

At some point, you will have to produce marketing documents about what you have to offer an employer.  We think key ingredients for great CVs, cover letters, profiles or portfolios should show:

  1. Your relevance to the employer.  For example, You will be noticed in your CV if your write to the employer wants, needs and problems.

  2. Show how you add value.  Show how you add value to an employer specific needs.  

  3. Show proof. Provide examples and facts of where you have added value in the past.

  4. Present well. Presentation is King!  Employers appreciate easy to scan/read material.


We have provided  some resources to get you started.   If you need our services please contact us.

Cover Letters
The purpose of the cover letter is to stir employer interest so they want to interview for a vacancy or potential position.

Cover letter example

Microsoft word template

Curriculum Vitae (CV)
The purpose of a CV is to provide in-depth information on your education, employment, skills and qualifications.  The purpose of securing an interview or applying for academic or scholarship opportunities

Curriculum Vitae example

Microsoft word template