What is LinkedIn?  Have you heard of Facebook?  Well, it is similar but LinkedIn is for your career.  More and more people are using LinkedIn for networking, finding industry information, job hunting, training and searching for employers. 


The main purpose of LinkedIn is to bring you closer to career opportunities and the cool thing is it can promote you 24/7.  LinkedIn is big in America and its grown in its popularity in New Zealand.  Jacinda Ardern has a profile!   Watch this video for more information or for examples look at the Work Ready staff profiles here.

Filling in a profile is straight forward,  here are eight things to consider:

1.  A good photo makes a difference.  Having a professional photo helps give the right impression.  A smile can make a       difference!  Use photofeeler to see what others think of your photo.

2. Make the most of headline.  You will have the opportunity to include a headline on your profile, make the headline            stand out and be industry-relevant.  This will help search for you on Google.

3. Give your summary zest.  This is where you give your elevator pitch, summarising your skills, motivations and                    interests.  Be genuine, share who you are and connect the reader to most recent experiences.

4.  Show some of your work.  Where appropriate add images and documents to your experience.  You can create a               visual portfolio along with CV related information.  This will bring your portfolio to life.

5. Complete as much of the profile as possible.  Including education, skills and volunteer work for example.

6. Keep your work history up to date.   Nothing worse the out of date or inaccurate profile.

7. Create a digital portfolio.   If you have other websites or company profiles don't be shy - share it!

8. Obtain a recommendation from others.   Past employers and associates can add to credibility.

Ensure that you don't just create your LinkedIn profile and walk away.  It needs watering.   Keep your profile up to date  and use the other features that LinkedIn has to offer. 


One last tip make sure that your other social network sites are consistent with the professional profile/brand you have created in LinkedIn.