Customer Feedback

"I was really happy with my old CV. It had been professionally done and I'd used it to get a number of jobs.  Pat offered to take a look at it. He made a number of changes.... font, layout, added a focus statement.  Pat's attention to detail is amazing. He knows exactly what employers are looking for in a CV.   I am really happy with the end result. 


 Glen Dec 2019  

It was a pleasure to work with someone who actually cares

Karla Nov 2019

"Service was great and Pat was very approachable and did his job very well."

Clinton Aug, 2019

"I really appreciate the service that you provided me Alysha and am so happy that your now supporting my cousin.  I am seeing his confidence grow which is awesome"

Samantha  Nov, 2019

I feel so fortunate to have worked with Lisa and her team. When I first met Lisa I was in a bit of a rutt, unsure what move to make next and what direction I should, or could go in. From the get go, she helped me to feel empowered, valuable and hopeful about who I was, what I had to offer, and what this could look like in the context of a satisfying and exciting work environment. I have valued every step of the process working with her, and would recommend her skills to absolutely anyone who needs some help visualising their next move and then making it happen. Thank you Lisa and team! 

Claire  Oct, 2019

Alysha, just a quick email to say thanks again for giving me the confidence to try something different. I am still loving my job. The company are very pleased with my performance as am I."

Kath  Nov, 2019